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Magnified Healing Certification Class with Mika Nelson

July 28 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Come learn a fantastic Fifth Dimensional tool for self healing, healing others, and healing our world.

Are you on your path of Ascension? Are you willing to prepare yourself, others and the Earth in ushering in the higher vibrations of pure Love, Light and Freedom? If so then Magnified Healing is you.

The Magnified Healing teachings are a great opportunity to learn a healing modality that was introduced to the Earth in 1983. Previously, this healing method was used only in the higher dimensions by the Ascended Masters to assist themselves, the Masters on Earth, and Mankind under a special Divine Dispensation. In 1992, under the direct intervention and inspiration of Lady Master Kwan Yin, Magnified Healing was brought forth into its expanded form for the advancement of Humanity and the Earth.

Magnifed Healing establishes a constant flow of energy from the Heart to the Source, the All That Is, the Infinite Mind, down to the Diamond at the Center of the Earth. The link spirals and brings a deep state of grace pulsing forth from the Hierarchy, layingt the very foundation for the Ascension Process.

Kwan Yin is an Ascended Lady Master and member of the Great White Brotherhood of this planet, known to many as the Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. She is also known as Cannon (in Korea and Vietnam). Quan Yin, and Tara (in Tibet and India). She is a member of the Karmic Board, which functions much like the "Supreme Court" for the inner Government of this planet. In 1986, she was asked to anchor the Divine Feminine Aspect of the Buddha. Her flower and electronic pattern are the five-petal Lotus, the divine pattern of the I AM PRESENCE


  • MEDITATION FOR EMPOWERMENT: Acknowledgement of the Three-Fold Flame and Higher Self
  • PREPARATION: Alignment of Spiritual Centers, Clearing of the Light Channel, Unification of Chakras into One, Increase the Energy in the Hands
  • HEAL OTHERS AND YOURSELF: Sensitize, Awaken, Rewire and Connect the Nervous System, Scan/Heal the Body and Stimulate Calcium on the Spine Absent Healing, Healing of the Earth, Healing of Karma Preparation for Ascension
  • Healing through Divine Right Use of Will with an Instantaneous Healing

Magnified Healing Notes:

Investment: $295 (cash, check accepted).

Includes Manuel, practice CD, Flower Essences, Certification as Master Teacher of Magnified Healing of the God Most High of the Universe


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July 28
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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