Prior Events

Here is a partial listing of some recent events held by Patricia Parente Reiki:


October 2017:  Workshop - Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person with Donna Russo

Are you an HSP? ("Highly Sensitive Person")

If you feel the world around you more intensely, from emotions, to sights and sounds, have a keen ability to pick up on others’ feelings, high levels of empathy and felt out of place growing up, you may be an HSP. You may also be an Indigo or Crystal Adult. You’re not crazy, and you’re exactly what the world needs right now to create change. This workshop assisted participants to understand their level of HSP and how to use it to their benefit. It offered tools to help HSPs thrive and gave support in a group setting.  Attendees also experienced guided meditations and channeled messages specifically for them!  The testimonials say it all!

  • "Healing, supportive, sense of community and connection to others.  Exceeded my expectations.  I didn't come with questions, but I got answers I didn't know I needed."
  • "Wonderful, fulfilling, informative.  Exceeded expectations.  Definitely would like to see this type of event again."
  • "The workshop was enlightening, entertaining and very personal, which was easily relatable.  (Answers to my) questions were what I was seeking"
  • "Wonderful!  Exceeded expectations."
  • "The workshop validated feelings I've had my whole life.  Learned I need to be in control of my own happiness."
  • "(Donna is) very intuitive.  All my questions were answered."
  • "Very helpful and practical with useful exercises and suggestions living as an HSP.  Individual channeling was great!  Received answers to questions I didn't even know I had."

Donna Russo is an Indigo Adult HSP, a Reiki Master Teacher, energy healer, professional artist and intuitive reader. She has spent several years researching and mastering living her authentic self and teaching others from her experiences.

We've asked Donna to return in the new year and present 'Part 2' of this enlightening workshop!


Next Date: To be announced
Exchange: $65.00


April, June, and August 2017:  Sound Baths

Bathe in the soothing & nurturing vibrations of crystals bowls!  Stacy Anuttara Newfeld, E-RYT, discovered first-hand the magic sound of crystal bowls and other healing vibrational instruments three years ago. She then began to incorporate them into her own practice and public yoga classes.

A Sound Bath is a meditative improvisational journey that allows the mind and body to easily experience deep states of rest and release. Participants lie down and receive a gentle and healing experience, as the harmonic vibrations affect every part of their being. Harmony and healing reaches all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Next date: To be announced!
Exchange: $22.00  Contact Pat to ensure you are registered for the next event!


August 2017:  Crystal Workshop and Healing Sessions

Mika Nelson is recognized worldwide for his excellence in teaching on crystals, energy healing and Magnified Healing. Called "a teacher's teacher and a healer's healer" by many, Mika is a trained Crystal Keeper and Guardian, a Traditional Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master, Master Teacher of Magnified Healing and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Mika's teaching ministry includes structured classes in crystal and gemstone therapy under The Academy for Healing Arts, and he has extensive experience with Marcel Vogel techniques. Mika has also lectured on crystals and healing at the United Nations in NYC. In addition to teaching, Mika is a personal certified guide for Sacred John of God Tours to Brazil.  Mika was onsite in Somerset August 12-13-14 to hold a Crystal Guardians and the Five Quartz Frequency Workshop and conduct Private Healing Sessions, which include time on the John of God Crystal Bed.

Crystal Guardians and the Five Quartz Frequency 5-hour Workshop

The Crystal Guardians are among us, giving selflessly to assist humans in advancing toward our destinies and Ascension. In this class, we study the Five Quartz Frequency. Starting with Clear – the Grandfather of the Crystal Kingdom – and then encompassing all the colors of the rainbow, quartz manifests and resonates throughout our Chakra system.

The clarity of pure white light moves from its clearest high vibration into the denser and lower frequencies of the Smoky, the Rose, the Citrine and the Amethyst. The Crystal Guardians direct you in meditation to resonate in sequence with each of these stones and color frequencies to facilitate your journey. Participants healed and attuned their chakras.

Exchange: $90.00

Personal Healing Sessions

Mika's healing work derives from over 20 years of personal growth and commitment to walking his spiritual path. From early on, Mika's desire to assist in service has led him on his spiritual quest for understanding and raising higher consciousness, so that he can assist others in raising their own vibration, now combining Divine Right use of Will in an instantaneous healing, as they in turn assist others towards their goals and destinies.

Illness starts on an emotional level. As Emotional Beings we are here to learn about ourselves and about LOVE. The most important thing in healing sessions is to release repressed energy blockages stored at cellular levels and open up chakras or energy centers in order to heal imbalances in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  After the release Mika works on the Energetic Body to create more balance.  He finished with a Maintenance plan the client took with them to further work on themselves.  Healing Sessions included time on the John of God Crystal Bed.

Exchange: $133.00

Crystals were available for purchase.

Mika had a wide assortment of sacred healing crystals available for purchase. In addition to healing stones and John of God crystals, he had selected large, beautiful pieces that were available.

For more information about Mika: Academy for Healing Arts 



March 2017:  Relationship Readings

Thank you to Donna Russo for a full day of Relationship Readings!  The readings focused on a specific relationship or situation of the participants choice.  This private reading event was held Saturday March 18th.  The testimonials say it all:

* The experience was strengthening and calmed my fears*  *The information was definitely helpful!*  *All my questions were answered.*
*With no doubt in my mind the information was helpful.*  *The reading was warm, enlightening and healing.*  *The reading was very helpful to proceed and understand why and how things are unfolding.*  *All my questions were answered and then some!*


February 2017:  Transpersonal Chakra and Meditation Workshop 

A 3-hour Workshop & Meditation was held on February 5, 2017.  Participants gained an understanding of the Chakras that exist above and below the body and experienced themselves as the link between the divine energies of the Sun and the Earth's grounding energies!  Also covered - BioGeometry, BioSignatures, Sacred Geometry Symbols, Nature Meditations and meditation enhancements offered by the AA Metatron.  All participants received a beautiful crystal.  Missed the workshop?  Contact Pat to request another!  Remote attendance is possible for this workshop via Skype!



December 2016:  Winter Solstice / Crystal Bowls Meditation

At the time of the Winter Solstice we look into our hearts and bring forth our desires and intentions for the coming year.  We allow the dream of our best selves to be known to us.

Two Winter Solstice events were held!

On December 18, 2016, a Special Solstice Reiki Circle!  Participants also attended via Skype!  


This year, the AA Metatron requested Surrender as the theme of the Winter Solstice Circle!  Participants were asked to bring their intentions for the upcoming year and surrender the details of the path to those outcomes to inner wisdom and the wisdom of our Guides and the Universe.

When you are still for an instant... when you allow the world to recede from you... then... you will hear a voice.

Stacy joined us in the Circle once again and incorporated the healing sounds of the Crystal Bowls, as only she can!  As in years past, this Solstice Reiki Circle, helped the participants venture into the possibilities for the new year.

And... On the morning of December 21st at 5:44 AM... a Reiki Session!

Reiki Session for clients and students, and friends requesting Reiki was conducted at 5:44 AM EST.  Many submitted positive intentions - one intention for themselves, one for their family and one for Mother Earth!

A lovely testimonial from a participant:
"The Crystal Bowl Event was wonderful, and as you know, life changing for me!  I feel like the old me - happy, cheerful and eager for each new day!  What you do is truly amazing!"


April, September and October 2016:  Soul Drawings

Have you ever wanted to see what your Soul was trying to show you?

Picture1DRDonna Russo, Heart Soul Intuitive, was onsite in Somerset on April 30, September 10, and October 29, 2016.  Donna, a professional illustrator and intuitive has been called to combine her gifts to be of guidance and healing to others.  Starting with your birth date and a question for your Soul,  you and she will journey to your higher self.  She then “talks” to your Soul (and possibly your Guide / Angel) and gets a “message” for you.  She combines this message with a custom drawing of the vision she is shown, containing your Soul’s energy vibration.

Picture2DRIllustrations are done on 11x14 Bristol art board in professional colored pencil.  Each session was approximately 1 hour.  Each drawing an original and uniquely yours, containing your Soul’s energy.  Pat was also on hand to address questions before and after the readings.

Session evaluations are always very positive with expectations exceeded!  Following is a sampling:
"Very enlightening, I learned a lot about myself that I needed to know."  "Wonderful.  I got the validation I needed.  Good advice.  Beautiful Soul Illustration!"  "Donna is very personable and I felt quite comfortable." "I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and my soul drawing."

Cost: $95.00 per reading.  Six time slots were by appointment, beginning at 10:30 am.  Contact Pat if interested in scheduling a session when Donna visits again!  Next date to be announced.

For more information about Donna Russo, click here to visit the Heart Soul Intuitive website.





All illustrations in the Soul Drawings section are © Donna Russo.  All rights reserved.


June 2016:  Crystal Bowl Meditation

We welcomed Stacy Anuttara Newfeld on June 3, 2016 for a Special Reiki Circle! Pat provided AA Gabriel's Guided Meditation A (Self) Love Lesson, with Stacy incorporating the lovely, healing sounds of the Crystal Bowls in the meditation!  The participants experienced relaxation, Reiki and blissful sound healing!  Many thanks to Stacy for her beautiful presence and generously sharing her talent and love of the crystal bowls!

IMG_1642Stacy Anuttara Newfeld E-RYT, Reiki II, has been practicing, teaching and living yoga for over 25 years.  Since 1992, she's had the honor of learning from many of the best in the movement and healing arts, her core teachers being Yogini activist Shiva Rea and the artful, poetic Elena Brower.  Stacy currently assists Elena Brower for Sacred Saturdays at ABC NYC.  It was from these classes at ABC that her love for the ambient and healing sounds of the crystal bowls emerged, which she now incorporates into many of her public classes.  To learn more about Stacy visit



October 2015 thru April 2016:  The Chakra Series

Reiki CirclesThe Chakra Series!

K5T_8398Chakras are energy centers in the body.  There are seven main Chakras starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head.  Clearing and strengthening the Chakras can bring about a significant improvement in how we feel both physically and emotionally, as well as restore a feeling of balance in our lives.

A customized series of Reiki Circles was developed to focus on the Chakras.  In each Circle we explored the significance of the particular Chakra, the potential physical and emotional impact if it is out of balance, and what you can do to bring it back into balance.  Participants received:

  • a Guided Meditation, which included the corresponding mantra (chant) and Reiki Energy provided to the Chakra;
  • 2 crystals / gemstones;
  • a simple yoga posture to open the Chakra;
  • nutrition to support the Chakra; and
  • a handout containing key points of information discussed.

Chakra Circles were approximately 60 minute sessions. Exchange - $25.00 for drop-ins or $140.00 for the series (a savings of $35.00).

To accommodate a scheduling request, a 3-part presentation of this Series was also developed: Session 1 - 1st and 2nd Chakras, Session 2 - 3rd and 4th Chakras, Session 3 - 5th, 6th and 7th Chakras

 Contact Pat for information about a  repeat of this series!



January 17, 2016:  Weekend of Wellness and Inspiration

PPR WWI SingleDay 2016 Resolutions 2016-0111

Love-filled efforts produce lovely and memorable results!

Fun ... informative ... interesting ... loving ... healing ... friendly ... well organized ... exceeded my expectations are some of the ways attendees described their impressions of the first Weekend of Wellness and Inspiration!

My deepest gratitude is extended to the other presenters, Chris Alexandria of Angel Chatter, Joey George of Under the Palms, and Barbara Kessler of Rawfully Tempting;  photographer Marilyn Parente of Parente HRG; and the attendees for making this event so special!

The Weekend provided a variety of wellness opportunities and inspiring stories which included presentations, alternative healing demonstrations, and a guided meditation; private session scheduling with the presenters was also made available.

Presenter information and products for purchase were available in the display area.

Here are some of the moments captured throughout the day:

Event Details:

  • Pat Parente Unraveling the Mystery of Meditation, Guided Meditation
  • Chris Alexandria  Self Care - Self Love - AA Chamuel
  • Joey George  Biodynamic Crainosacral Therapy, Rolfing Structural Integration
  • Barbara Kessler  Rawfully Tempting Demo




December 17, 2015 and January 4, 2016:
Winter Solstice Reiki Circle for Everyone

The Winter Solstice took place December 21, 2015, at 11:49 PM EST.  At the time of the Winter Solstice, we look into our hearts and bring forth our desires and intentions for the coming year.   We allow the dream of our best selves to be known to us.  Peace is among all our intentions … a personal sense of peace … peace in our relationships …and especially at this time, peace throughout the globe.

The Archangels have said it is not necessary for us to define the path to peace on Earth, rather, we should live it … we do this by living our highest potential.  In this year’s Winter Solstice meditation they showed the participants how our individual intentions for 2016 - our intentions that support our highest good - also support the highest good of our neighbors.

The theme of this Winter Solstice Meditation Circle was Peace on Earth.  A World Peace Crystal Grid inspired by the AA Metatron was displayed at the Circle.  There was a selection of crystals from which participants selected one to represent themselves on the Grid.

A portion of the exchange for the Circle was donated to a local charity.