Reiki Services are designed to support your ongoing wellness, complement medical or psychological care you are receiving from a licensed professional, or simply provide relief from the hectic schedules we often maintain.

Services are offered at a location that works best for you. This can be in-person (at my location or yours) or from a distance. It is recommended that your initial Reiki Sessions be conducted in-person.  Special pricing available for multiple session purchase!

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Reiki Sessions

Sessions are 90 minutes in length, including a post treatment consultation to review the guidance received for the client.

During sessions you will be fully clothed (with shoes removed) while you lie on a comfortable table.  A combination of light touch hands-on and hands-off is used to channel the Reiki Energy;  all hands-off is also possible.  Typically, clients report that receiving Reiki energy brings on an overall feeling of peace and relaxation.  Often they experience tingling or heat, as well as seeing colors or images. The recipient's intention, beliefs, and openness during a session dictates the experience. Clients have reported experiences ranging from reaching a level of relaxation never before achieved to very spiritual occurrences.

Results vary by individual, but clients report improved sleep, ability to remain calm in previously stressful situations, and improvement in overall health.  Click here to read some testimonials from clients sharing their own experiences.


  • Reiki (90 min session, including consult) In Person - $125.00
  • Reiki (90 min session, including consult) Distance - $120.00

Three Session Package (90 min session, including consult):

  • In Person - $330.00 save $45.00! 
  • Distance - $315.00 save $45.00! 

Four or more Session Packages (90 min session, including consult):

  • Additional discount available

PPR Reiki Students

  • Single Reiki Session (90 min session, including consult)  - $95.00
  • Three Session Package - $90.00 per session
  • Four or more Session Packages - Additional discount available

New customer?  Click here for a discount on your first 90-minute Reiki Session!
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Vogel Crystal Technique

The Vogel Session length varies and is typically incorporated at the beginning of a Reiki Session.  Unlike the Reiki portion, clients are seated during the Vogel segment and have an active participation through intention, breath and willingness to release that which doesn’t support their wellbeing.

Clients are fully clothed (with shoes removed).  A combination of light touch hands-on and hands-off is used during the Vogel Session.  Typically, clients report experiencing tingling or heat, as well as having a feeling of relief or release. The recipient's intention, beliefs, and openness during a session dictates the experience.  Results vary by individual.

The Vogel crystals used for this technique are specifically cut to amplify the properties of the quartz crystals.  The design is based on a pattern developed by Marcel Vogel.

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Reiki for Hospice Patients

K5S_9881Many hospitals and hospice programs offer Reiki as a standard part of care. Reiki helps to bring a calming energy to patients and can be very helpful with pain management.  Sessions can be provided in the hospital or care facility with approval by the attending physician, or in your home.

Exchange and Reiki Packages:  See information listed under Reiki Sessions above.



Reiki for Pets

Shammy continues to amaze, as he lovingly participates in all pet sessions and stands ready to greet those preparing to cross over. Photo courtesy K. Joyner.

It has been an honor for me to provide Reiki for a number of family pets.  While most of the circumstances have involved pets who were gravely ill, their condition did not interfere with their ability to communicate with me.  The love, concern and gratitude they felt and expressed for their family was so touching and very comforting for the family to hear.

Exchange and Reiki Packages:  See information listed under Reiki Sessions above.



Guided Meditation

Whether you are venturing into meditation for the first time or enjoying an established meditation routine, Guided Meditation provides many benefits. Individual and group sessions are available.  Note!  Reiki Circles typically include a guided meditation.

Exchange (45 min individual session):  $80.00



Morning / Evening Meditation - Bring your meditation practice to life!

We all understand the many benefits of meditation, but what I hear over and over is that clients and students find it nearly impossible to establish a regular meditation practice;  their schedules or circumstances "just don't allow it."  There was a time that I felt the same way because I saw barriers in my "schedule" and no way around them.  Fortunately, that changed for me and now my desire is to help you remove those perceived barriers.

If you could participate from home, would you be able to find approximately 30 minutes, one, two or three mornings a week, to take part in a remote meditation?  Yes?  Wonderful! 

Morning / Evening Meditation Schedule: Contact Pat for scheduling!


  • Weekly (three 30 min sessions) $10.00 
  • Monthly Package - $30.00 save $10.00!

Attend as many sessions as you like! Spouses and children participating with you from the same connection are included in your registration!  New registrations receive the first month free! 

Connection information is provided upon registration and registering is easy -
just contact Pat!



Reiki Circles

  • K5T_8461Circle for Everyone:
    It is not necessary to be a Reiki Practitioner or to have previously received Reiki to attend this Circle. You will enjoy a Guided Meditation and experience soothing Reiki energy.
  • Circle for Practitioners:
    Practitioner Circles are for students holding Level 1 and above certifications.  Intentions of the participants are placed on a Reiki Grid to receive energy during and after the Circle.  Typically a guided meditation is conducted, a specific treatment technique is discussed and practiced and of course the Reiki Energy is flowing!  Following those segments of the Circle is the opportunity for participant discussion on any topic.  The Circles will conclude with a five minute prayer session, in which we hold all practitioners and their intentions in our hearts.  For your convenience there are two Practitioner Circles each month - a morning Circle and an evening Circle.

Scheduling:  Check the Event or Event Calendar pages.  No need to register, simply arrive a few minutes before start time!

Exchange (either type of Reiki Circle):  $20.00*
*$20.00 exchange to Patricia Parente Reiki.  $5.00 find a way to 'pay it forward' over the next month!

  • Special Event Circle:  as announced

Exchange: as announced



Aura and Chakra Cleansing

200h_K5T_8398Your Aura (the energy field around your body) is a buffer for you from outside influences.  A weakness in your Aura can leave you feeling quite vulnerable.  This energy field is your space to enjoy!  Scanning, clearing, and strengthening will be done, resulting in an expansive and supportive Aura.  You will also learn techniques to maintain a healthy Aura.

The word Chakra means disk or wheel.  The body has seven main Chakras that are like energy stations, or centers of swirling energy.  Each Chakra is associated with organs and systems in the body, glands, physical activity, and emotional and spiritual aspects of your personality.

Chakras are affected by our emotional and physical experiences, and as such can become out of balance.  Once cleared and strengthened, the process also has a positive effect on the Aura by pushing it further out around the body.  You will also learn the techniques you can use to clear and strengthen your own Chakras.

Aura and Chakra Cleansing sessions are held in-person at a location that works best for you.


  • Aura and Chakra Cleansing / Single Session (90 min session, including consult) - $125.00
  • Three Session Package (90 min sessions, including consult) - $330.00 save $45.00!
  • Four or more Session Packages (90 min sessions, including consult) - Additional discount available.




Ancestral Healing

The Ancestral Healing modality was ever so subtlety introduced by the Angels into the PPR Services.  It was experiencing and witnessing the beauty and impact of the initial Love and Honor aspect of the modality that helped me to see the benefit of the Extend Forgiveness aspect that they would introduce months later.

Love and Honor

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.” Quote from Winnie the Pooh

Is there any more to say... that simple sentiment speaks volumes.  Just reading the quote brings tears of love to my eyes, not just for personal reasons; it also reminds me of Love and Honor ceremonies I have been privileged to witness.  In this aspect, we continue to heal our hearts of the pain of physical separation and send Love to those who have passed, while honoring a life shared.

This symbolic healing ceremony will help you to feel a closeness in heart with your loved one.  Just as no two lives are the same, each ceremony unfolds in its uniquely beautiful way.

To Schedule: Contact Pat
Exchange: By Donation
Location: Conducted outdoors; specific location to be chosen by client

Extend Forgiveness

“Sometimes you don’t realize the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release.”  Quote from Power of Positivity

How many of us have carried our anger, our hurt, and our emotional pain well beyond any measure of reasonable time?  We likely have an awareness of the toll these types of emotions have taken on our well-being, but it is unlikely you are fully aware of how these emotions have held you back.  How long are you willing to sacrifice aspects of your life over something that happened in the past?

Now consider this as it extends beyond yourself…

From the Angelic Realm: “It is Forgiveness that breaks the chains, the cycle, and frees the forgiver and the forgiven to move forward on their spiritual path.”

The Angel’s message is echoed in this quote from A Course in Miracles.  “Let yourself be healed that you may be forgiving, offering salvation to your brother and yourself.  Quote from ACIM &-27.II.4:7

It is said that we carry the unresolved from lifetime to lifetime.  Not surprising that we are at the effect of our ancestors unresolved issues (I’ve read a range of anywhere from 7 to 15 generations back) and that we affect future generations with ours!  Seeing this in the context of such a broad picture certainly raises the importance of breaking the chain.  It will be your openness to forgiveness and your embrace of the process that is required to release what does not support you and what continues to impact another/others.

In this symbolic healing ceremony you will have the opportunity to Extend Forgiveness to another for the fragmented relationship, and in turn, forgive yourself for the years you’ve asked your heart to carry the weight.

To Schedule: Contact Pat
Exchange: By Donation
Location: Conducted outdoors; specific location to be chosen by client





All sessions are by appointment.  To arrange, contact Pat.



Gift Certificates

200h_GiftCertificates-2015-0623Gift certificates may be purchased for a specific service or in any amount.  To purchase, contact Pat.

A Gift Certificate, brochure, and Pat's contact information are provided for the recipient.


Interested in what others have to say about these services?  Check the Testimonials page!

All currency in US dollars.  Prices are subject to change without notice.