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Vogel Crystal Technique

Vogel Crystal Technique

The Vogel Session length varies and is typically incorporated at the beginning of a Reiki Session.  Unlike the Reiki portion, clients are seated during the Vogel segment and have an active participation through intention, breath and willingness to release that which doesn’t support their wellbeing.

Clients are fully clothed (with shoes removed).  A combination of light touch hands-on and hands-off is used during the Vogel Session.  Typically, clients report experiencing tingling or heat, as well as having a feeling of relief or release. The recipient's intention, beliefs, and openness during a session dictates the experience.  Results vary by individual.

The Vogel crystals used for this technique are specifically cut to amplify the properties of the quartz crystals.  The design is based on a pattern developed by Marcel Vogel.

Exchange and Reiki Packages:  


  • Reiki (90 min session, including consult) In Person - $125.00
  • Reiki (90 min session, including consult) Distance - $120.00

Three Session Package (90 min session, including consult):

  • In Person - $330.00 save $45.00! 
  • Distance - $315.00 save $45.00! 

Four or more Session Packages (90 min session, including consult):

  • Additional discount available

PPR Reiki Students

  • Single Reiki Session (90 min session, including consult)  - $95.00
  • Three Session Package - $90.00 per session
  • Four or more Session Packages - Additional discount available

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