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Guided Meditation


Whether you are venturing into meditation for the first time or enjoying an established meditation routine, Guided Meditation provides many benefits. Individual and group sessions are available.
Note!  Reiki Circles typically include a guided meditation.

Exchange (45 min individual session):  $55.00

Morning / Evening Meditation - Bring your meditation practice to life!

We all understand the many benefits of meditation, but what I hear over and over is that clients and students find it nearly impossible to establish a regular meditation practice;  their schedules or circumstances "just don't allow it."  There was a time that I felt the same way because I saw barriers in my "schedule" and no way around them.  Fortunately, that changed for me and now my desire is to help you remove those perceived barriers.

If you could participate from home, would you be able to find approximately 30 minutes, one, two or three mornings a week, to take part in a remote meditation?  Yes?  Wonderful! 

Morning / Evening Meditation Schedule: Contact Pat for scheduling!


  • Weekly (three 30 min sessions) $10.00 
  • Monthly Package - $30.00 save $10.00!

Attend as many sessions as you like! Spouses and children participating with you from the same connection are included in your registration!  New registrations receive the first month free! 

Connection information is provided upon registration and registering is easy -
just contact Pat!