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Violet Flame Sessions

Violet Flame Sessions

Transmute: "to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form".  Merriam-Webster

The Violet Flame / Violet Light / Violet Fire is an ancient healing energy whereby non-supporting energy or karma is 'transmuted'.   Recipients of this healing energy aspire to move forward in their spiritual development.  This healing method was veiled in secrecy until the twentieth century when it was revealed by Ascended Master Saint Germain, Master Alchemist.

The format of this session experience is similar to a Reiki session in the length of the session, the light touch and that the recipient is laying comfortably on the table while Violet Flame energy is received.  Any guidance that may be received for the client is relayed during the consultation following the session.


  • Violet Flame (90 min session, including consult) In Person - $125.00
  • Violet Flame (90 min session, including consult) Distance - $120.00
  • See the New Client Coupon below; $25.00 discount on your first session!

Three Session Package (90 min session, including consult):

  • In Person - $330.00 save $45.00! 
  • Distance - $315.00 save $45.00! 

PPR Reiki Students

  • Single Violet Flame Session (90 min session, including consult)  - $95.00
  • Three Session Package - $90.00 per session

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