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Classes / Workshops

Interested in learning more about energy work?  Looking for Continuing Education (CE) credit hours for massage therapy?  Consider taking a class or workshop!  Whether you are drawn to these ideas by simple curiosity, are looking for a stress reliever that is always at your fingertips, or you feel ready to make the commitment and become a practitioner, a workshop or class provides the setting.

Effective February 2020, workshops began being offered as a virtual experience.  The testimonials show the virtual workshops are just as effective as the in-person experience.  See the Testimonials page!

Effective June 2020, Reiki classes are offered as an online experience, including the Attunement Ceremony!  This was made possible by the new level of Reiki energy that was received by William Rand in April of 2020 after praying for guidance, as to how teachers could continue training Reiki Practitioners.  Patricia attended a full day of training and received an "upgrade attunement" to enable Patricia Parente Reiki to once again offer Reiki classes to all those who are called to this beautiful healing practice!

Explore the Classes / Workshop menu for:
Reiki -  Introduction Workshop and Classes for all Levels
Magnified Healing - Introduction to Magnified Healing Concepts, Phase I Workshop and the Celebration Workshop and Ceremony
The Chakras Workshop
Energy Healing Techniques Workshop
Let's Talk Crystals Workshop
Highly Sensitive Person Workshop Series

  • Upcoming Class and Workshop Dates: dates and time are shown on the Calendar of Events page.
  • Interested in what others have to say about these classes?  Check the Testimonials page!
  • All currency shown for classes and workshops in US dollars.  Prices are subject to change without notice.