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Classes / Workshops

Interested in learning more about energy work?  Looking for Continuing Education (CE) credit hours for massage therapy?  Consider taking a class or workshop!

Whether you are drawn to these ideas by simple curiosity, are looking for a stress reliever that is always at your fingertips, or you feel ready to make the commitment and become a practitioner, a workshop or class provides the setting.

Explore the Classes / Workshop menu for:
Reiki -  Introduction Workshop and Classes for all Levels
Magnified Healing - Introduction to Magnified Healing Concepts, Phase I Workshop and the Celebration Workshop and Ceremony
The Chakras Workshop
Energy Healing Techniques Workshop
Let's Talk Crystals Workshop

  • Upcoming Class and Workshop Dates: dates and time are shown on the Calendar of Events page.
  • Interested in what others have to say about these classes?  Check the Testimonials page!
  • All currency shown for classes and workshops in US dollars.  Prices are subject to change without notice.