HOSTING the ARCHANGELS is a lovely ritual of “welcoming” five Archangels into your home for a five day “visit.”  It continues a tradition which may have originated in New York in 2010, inspired by the movie Pay It Forward.  If you believe in and love Angels, you will treasure this experience!

20160225_Hosting the AAs 1 editWhile aware of this practice for some time, I was not moved to participate until February 2016;  I suppose like everything else, the time was right!  Part of the motivation was to honor them for what they provide on a daily basis.  I am always in awe!  Our hope is that you read through the following to see if the time is right for you!

I will offer to you that the Angels were very encouraging about “stepping out of the box” of guidelines (they did … all nine of them!).  Doing this makes it a truly personal journey that flows with the events and needs of the day and those around you.

There is some preparation suggested, a bit different than preparing for a guest that will visit for a few days.  Small items are suggested, such as a flower/plant, candle, and fruit, and a suitable spot for a meditation altar (table) to hold these items.  Be it simple or elaborate, let your Heart guide you!  Also, it is nice to have a welcoming ‘prayer’ and three wishes (for the Earth, your family and yourself).

If you choose to participate, we will select a day and time for their arrival.  Try to select a time frame when you have a bit of time for meditation.  This will be an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers … ask for guidance and receive direction.  Go into it with an open heart and just be “present” as you move through these days for all that is being presented to you.

About the Visiting Archangels: Here’s a bit of background for those who may not be familiar with these five Archangels:

Archangel Michael – The Master and Protector of the Light; Male Archetype; Physical and Emotional Strength and Protection; Trailblazer


Archangel Raphael – The Divine Healer; Guardian Angel Archetype; Physical and Emotional Health


Archangel Gabriel – The Master Angel of Mercy and Compassion; Female Archetype;  Care and Protection of Family, Home, and Pets


Archangel Uriel – The Angel of Creativity; Assists in Creating Success in a Spiritual Way;  Detachment from Results


Archangel Metatron – The Chancellor of Heaven; the Prince of Ministering Angels;  Assists on the Path to Enlightenment



  1. Determine date and time of arrival and departure.  This is a five day visit, typically scheduled to immediately follow their visit with someone else.  The time you select should be a time that you can greet them at the door when they arrive and can bid them farewell after the fifth day.
  2. Select the area and table to be used for the altar.  A small table in a quiet spot of your home is best, as you will want to sit in meditation near this spot.
  3. Select the flower / plant, candle(s), statue(s) and type of fruit / food.  A white flower is typically used; however, any color will work.  The candle should be white.  Please have a battery operated candle available, as you will not want to burn a candle while you are out or sleeping.
  4. Think about your Welcome Prayer, Departure Prayer(i.e. a thank you), and 3 Wishes (for Mother Earth, Family, and Self).  The prayers can be simple…  welcome them and express your love and appreciation for all they do/did during the visit.

Day before Arrival:

  1. Set up altar prior to the scheduled arrival.

Day of Arrival:

  1. Welcome the Archangels at the predetermined time by opening the door through which they will enter and depart.
  2. Greet the Archangels with the Welcome Prayer.
  3. Sit in meditation by the altar (recommended).

During the Visit:

Listen!  Love!  Laugh!  Heal! Learn!  Journal!

Day of Departure:

  1. If you know where the Angels are going next, simply give the Archangels the name, town / country.  In your Heart wish the next Host a wonderful visit.
  2. At time of departure, say the Departure Prayer/thank you as you open the door.
  3. Once they leave, simply bury the paper with your three wishes in the soil outside or if you haven’t written them down, speak them in your Heart.
  4. If appropriate, consume the blessed fruit / water from the altar.
  5. If appropriate, set the flower / plant outside to recycle naturally.


There is no “wrong” if alternatives are needed to the guidelines; how could anything about this beautiful honoring of the Angels and your willingness to do so be wrong?  Express your willingness to participate, and then do it!  The suggested protocol should not set up any barriers in your mind.  If certain things are not possible, it’s alright.  Again, it is your need and willingness that is the priority!

For scheduling or for more information on Hosting the Archangels, contact Pat.