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K5T_8334Feedback and testimonials are much appreciated.  Here's a sampling, including many commenting on the virtual/distance experience:

  • Outdoor Ancestral Healing Ceremony June, 2020:
    "It has given me so much peace!"
  • Online Reiki II Attunement July, 2020:
    "There was a rush of energy into my hands; they were throbbing.  It was amazing!"
  • Online Reiki Class June, 2020:
    "I love, love, loved the online class! Fantastic experience with an attunement which was powerful and beautiful. Why?  I feel I had a deeper experience because I was completely relaxed at home (erase traffic, commute or rushing) with no barriers or inhibitions whereas in a classroom setting there would be unconscious borders. The small class size helped with communication and guidance. I am a big fan of online classes now whereas before I was hesitant. Pat is patient, realistic, agile and an expert in her field. Thank you so much, Pat! I will be back for more! Lots of love!"
  • Online Reiki Class June, 2020:
    "Just finished the Reiki 1 review as an online class and attunement. Reconnected with parts of myself that were long forgotten. Reiki is nothing short of life changing for me."
  • Virtual 5 Higher Bodies Workshop May, 2020:
    "Loved the meditations and experiences. I learned that one of the Bodies I need to work on, as it drove me crazy. This information was completely new to me. Who does not want to evolve to a higher vibration and embrace the unknown? Loved it!!"
  • Virtual St. Germain Meditation Circle May, 2020:
    "This was a much needed round table for me. I had been receiving messages, which made no sense and the discussion helped me understand and validate the messages. I felt relief and love. The poem meditation from Rumi was embraced and appreciated. I also felt that it was very helpful that everyone shared their experiences, as the timing of the Circle was during the height of COVID impact and everyone was able to communicate and release something. Thank you!"
  • Distance Reiki Session May, 2020:
    "The experience gave me much needed confidence. I loved that Pat shared her notes. It gave me an appreciation of the findings and I was able to follow the post treatment discussion well. I also loved the pre session discussion. Pat had received guidance before the sessions that she shared, which enhanced the treatment because I was able to anchor myself. Loved the session and will come back for more. Thank you, Pat!"
  • Virtual Meditation Circle/Class May, 2020:
    "I truly appreciate all the virtual classes you’ve been doing.  Truly a tremendous help.  Thank you very much.  I’m normally the type of person that once I’m home, doesn’t want to go out no matter how enticing the class is.  The virtual classes have been absolutely fabulous.  It has given me the opportunity to attend many more classes than I would normally attend.  On the meditations, I love that I don’t’ have to drive home afterward.”
  • Reiki Healing Session Client July, 2019:
    "I was truly amazed at Pat's remarkable ability and gift of Reiki healing.  She intuitively knows what is going on with you spiritually, mentally and physically.  She also calls on the Angels and Spirit Guides that are needed and is guided by them.  Her healing left me calm and grounded.  I was searching for a true energy healer and have found all of this and more in Pat.  I highly recommend her - the search is over!"
  • The Chakras Workshop Participants  Jan, 2018:
    "Wonderful, peaceful, informative I could feel the connection as we moved thru the chakras."
    "It was great and relevant to what I am experiencing in my life."
    "Wow, I knew I was going to love this workshop, but I have to say the positive change from when I walked in, and by the end of the workshop, the feeling was remarkable."
    "Very enlightening.  I feel much better than I did before I arrived."
    "This workshop far exceeded my expectations."
    "Thank you for everything offered in this Chakra class, your dedication, passion and generosity.  There was a lot of information to cover; you did an awesome job from Root to Crown!  I came home with a much deeper understanding of Chakras, crystals and the importance of yoga..."
  • HSP Workshop Participants:
    "Healing, supportive, sense of community and connection to others.  Exceeded my expectations.  I didn't come with questions, but I got answers I didn't know I needed."
    "Wonderful, fulfilling, informative.  Exceeded expectations.  Definitely would like to see this type of event again."
    "The workshop was enlightening, entertaining and very personal, which was easily relatable.  (Answers to my) questions were what I was seeking"
    "Wonderful!  Exceeded expectations."
    "The workshop validated feelings I've had my whole life.  I learned I need to be in control of my own happiness."
    "(Donna is) very intuitive.  All my questions were answered."
    "Very helpful and practical with useful exercises and suggestions living as an HSP.  Individual channeling was great!  Received answers to questions I didn't even know I had."
  • Winter Solstice-Crystal Bowl Circle:
    K.G., Florida
    The Crystal Bowl Event was wonderful, and as you know, life changing for me!  I feel like the old me - happy, cheerful and eager for each new day!  What you do is truly amazing!
  • Reiki I Class Participant:
    C.V., New Jersey
    My favorite topic during the Reiki I class was the Chakras. Learning in detail about each and every chakra, plus learning how to clean them and take care of them, so our energies can be more in balance, was very interesting to me.  Being a newbie on this subject, I found the materials and their presentation was very interesting. Ms Parente put me at ease from the very beginning of the class, she communicated her knowledge and shared her experience with the group in an very loving and peaceful way. This to me was key. Thank you Patricia!
  • Reiki I Class Participant:
    S.S., New Jersey
    Favorite topic was the chakras.  Knowing the history (of Reiki) gives a good foundation of learning and understanding.  WOW, I know that is general but I enjoyed every aspect (of the class).  From the loving, peaceful atmosphere to the attention and care given to each one of us by Pat and each of my classmates.  I could not have imaged a better experience.  And I am looking forward to taking the Reiki II class.
  • Reiki I Class Participant:
    J.M., New Jersey
    I really got a lot out of class!  I've been taking many more deep breaths throughout my day, and I pause to see the beauty of the day and feel so grateful to be part of it!
  • Reiki I Class Participant:
    M.V.M., New York
    I really enjoyed the Reiki class.  You're such a good teacher, and you made Reiki so much more relevant to my life.  I've been experimenting with the daily routine.  It's still new, but it resonated with me.
  • Weekend of Wellness & Inspiration Participant:
    S.S., New Jersey
    (The Event) was so informative.  The Presenters and attendees were helpful and personable.
  • Soul Reading-Drawing with Donna Russo Participants: 

"The experience exceeded my expectations."

"I felt the energy and information confirmed some of my feelings and experiences."  Donna is very personable and I felt quite comfortable."

"Very energizing and helpful!"  "A lot to take in.  Gives me, and confirms direction and what needs to be worked on."

"Very detailed and accurate.  I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and my Soul Drawing."

"Enlightening and provided a direction."

  • Reiki Circle Participant: J.G., New Jersey
    Had a great experience learning the Root Chakra.  For quite some time now my medial ankle bones would be sore especially when I got up in the morning.  Once I did the Root Chakra exercise and chant the discomfort has disappeared.  I may feel the soreness every now and then but barely noticeable.
  • Reiki Client - Healing touch:  M.V.M., New York
    Pat didn't ask me which parts of my body were aching before we started my Reiki session.  Her hands were able to find them and stayed on them until the pain subsided, and I experienced a deep sense of comfort and relaxation that lasted for several days.  I've never experienced anything like Pat's healing touch before.
  • Reiki Client - Reiki from a distance:  K.G., Florida
    I was suffering from joint pain as well as work-related stress. As a result, restful sleep was difficult.  During my session I experienced a great sense of calm; my body relaxed.  That night, I enjoyed the first restful sleep in many weeks!  I was amazed because my session was from a distance, yet Pat was able to sense my areas of pain!
  • Reiki Client - Reduction in anxiety and nervousness:  G.C., New Jersey
    I have long believed in alternative healing and medicine, but I am also usually skeptical since some things in the past were not as they were supposed to be.  I was very pleased when I went to Pat’s Reiki treatment for the first time (and every time after).  I have Hepatitis C and am a very anxious, nervous person along with some other physical problems and depression.  I left the first treatment with a feeling of calm and peacefulness that I don’t think I have ever felt.  I didn’t even want a cigarette, which is major for me.  Each time I went I felt calmer and more whole as a person and when I missed a couple of weeks my husband even told me to go get a treatment because I was getting anxious and nervous again ... I will never give up the Reiki treatments because I am becoming a new person, calm, loving, and feeling that I am whole with nature and the world that I have not felt since I was a child.   Give yourself the gift of healing what life has thrown at you and be the person that you were meant to be.
  • Reiki Client - Reiki for Pets:  S.R., New Jersey
    There is no greater gift that one could give to their beloved animal, pet, and lifelong friend than a Reiki session with Patty.  As my loyal dog Martha struggled to leave her body, a Reiki session calmed and comforted her soul as it moved from our physical world to another.  It was clear to me that I had provided her with the very best that I could:  a loving and guiding hand to help her make her transition without me.  It was truly one of the most moving and beautiful experiences that I have witnessed in my lifetime.  I am certain that for any of my animals who are gravely ill or preparing to pass that I would provide them with Reiki sessions to support them, comfort, and allow their souls to pass with greater ease.  Truly, a beautiful moment to experience, and one that I will never forget.
  • Reiki Class Participant - Meditations:  J.M., New Jersey
    The most helpful was learning the meditations.  This is something that I needed to discover, and you helped me with this.  I spend way too much of my time rushing about and I forget to take time to relax and take deep breaths. Incorporating meditation into my life is really helping me to slow myself down and enjoy what is around me.