Introduction to Magnified Healing Concepts Workshop

Whether you are already drawn to learn the Magnified Healing® modality or simply have a curiosity about the practice itself, this workshop is designed to help you move forward in your decision to become a practitioner.

Throughout the 2-day Workshop to become a Magnified Healing® practitioner, there are many concepts referred to and accessed.  A prior understanding and basic knowledge of these concepts is essential for the 2-day workshop.

In this Introduction to Concepts Workshop you will learn the basics of the terms and participate in a guided meditation:

  • Ascension
  • Chakras
  • Hierarchy
  • I AM Presence
  • Karma
  • Threefold-Flame
  • Violet Flame/Fire

Date: See Calendar of Events page
Workshop Length: 2 hours
Exchange: $45.00*
*Receive a $10.00 discount on the exchange for the Phase 1 Magnified Healing Workshop!