Message from Patricia:
In 2018, Master St. Germain began communicating with me that a new healing modality would be brought through for humanity’s spiritual advancement, as the Hearts of so many on the planet were calling out for healing.  No specific timing was provided, but in divine timing, the aspects, protocol, images and healing symbols for the class and sessions were given over the next few years.  In January 2021, we introduced Violet Flame Energy of the Heart®!

The guidance became clear that this Heart Centered healing modality will expand and should be featured on its own site.   I was guided to create the website The Heart Leads!

I invite you to visit The Heart Leads website that fully explains this transformative healing modality, which is focused on spiritual growth and connection to the Divine.  Be sure to visit the Sessions page, Classes page and the Practitioner Directory Page.  Links are below.

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Our Guides for this healing modality are Master Saint Germain, Master Serapis Bey, Lord Melchizedek, Arcturus the Elohim of the Violet 7th Ray, the Violet Flame Angels, AA Zadkiel the Archangel of the Violet Flame, AA Metatron, AA Gabriel, AA Raphael, AA Uriel and AA Michael.

Violet Flame Energy of the Heart®
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