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Violet Flame Energy of the Heart®


Message from Patricia:
In 2018, Master St. Germain began communicating with me that a new healing modality would be brought through for humanity's spiritual advancement, as the Hearts of so many on the planet were calling out for healing.  No specific timing was provided, but in divine timing, the aspects, protocol, images and healing symbols for the class and sessions were given over the next few years.  In January 2021, we introduced Violet Flame Energy of the Heart®!

In April 2021, the first class was offered to train Master Practitioners.  A few months later, following the second class, the guidance became clear that this Heart Centered healing modality will expand and should be featured on its own site.   I was guided to create The Heart Leads!

In December of 2021, additional guidance indicated that what was previously received was the first 'phase' or session of  a six session "Integrated Treatment Structure", and the work began!  For months, Patricia has worked with the Guides of this modality to document all aspects of the full treatment program.  We are happy to announce and introduce these additional areas of healing, spiritual growth and development!  Classes and sessions are available!

I invite you to visit The Heart Leads website that further explains this transformative healing modality.  Be sure to visit the Sessions page, Classes page and the Practitioner Page.

You will note complete information on the the Sessions page of The Heart Leads.
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Violet Flame Energy of the Heart®
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